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The ancient Baniolum is renown for the production of truffles, which are at the heart of local cuisine as well as of the cuisine of nearby areas

Bagnoli Irpino is a tourist destination for every season. One of the major attractions of this town, which was built around the half of the IX century as a Lombard fortalice, is its natural richness. In particular, the Laceno Plateau boasts highly interesting places, such as the Caliendo Caves. This town, known as the “town of truffles”, boasts a production of Tuber Mesentericum (black truffles) estimated in around 15,000 kilograms per season. The town centre of the town is called Giudecca, from the settlers of Jewish origins who lived there in the Middle Ages. The old town was created around a Norman- Swabian fortress, which today is the Cavaniglia Castle. This castle was transformed into an aristocratic residence by the lords of the time and was equipped with an imposing square tower, which is the bestpreserved part of the building. Among the many religious buildings, rich in art, the San Domenico Church and Convent deserve a visit, as they hold a precious altarpiece dating back to 1572 and made by Marco Pino da Siena. The most important building of Bagnoli Irpino, from an artistic and an historical point of view, is the Santa Maria Assunta Collegiate Church, which was built in the XII century on the Giudecca hill. Inside this church there are highly prestigious masterpieces, such as the wooden sculptures made by Scipione Infante and Jacopo Bonavita, who also created the choir which is decorated with embellished panels with scenes from the Old and the New Testament. The Clock Tower, which is a single piece with the Gavitone Fountain, is located at the centre of the ancient town. Several ancient aristocratic residences can also be found nearby, including the Tenta Palace, which hosts a library and a picture gallery.




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