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    San Mango
    sul Calore

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Located in an uncontaminated land, in the heart of the wide territory of the Sele Valley, under refreshing thousand-year-old woods

Calabritto is a town in the Sele High Valley. It dates back to the XI century, when it developed around a nowdisappeared Medieval castle. The name of the town seems to come from calabrix, a sort of wild pine, or from Calabryta, a Greek town of Acaia. Its typical product is the “quagliettano” red pepper. The town preserves the traces of its ancient past in its important religious and aristocratic buildings, such as the Papio Palace, which preserves its original architectural structure dating back to the XVIII century. From the centre of the town, through the Calvello mountain and the Cervialto mountain, you can reach the Laceno Plateau. For those who love history and art, the Santa Maria di Costantinopoli Church definitely deserves a visit. This church is presumed to have Byzantine origins. The building is characterized by essential lines, and the main stone altar is embellished by an XVIII century shrine. Other important religious buildings are the Santissima Trinità Church, with its belvedere, the Madonna del Carmine Church and the and the San Pietro Church. The Santa Maria dell’Alta Sede Monastery and the Santa Maria della Neve Sanctuary are located on the edge of a mountain crag, and they preserve their original squareshaped Church Tower. Outside the town there are the tiny Santa Maria dei Grienzi Abbey and the Madonna del Fiume Church, which is located next to a karstic cave. The fortified town of Quaglietta deserves a visit, along with its castle. They are both located on a rocky cliff. The castle, which was created as a military defence facility by the Lombards, is characterised by a central courtyard around which the Feudal housing was developed. Near the castle are located the San Rocco Church, the Santa Maria delle Grazie Church and the Madonna del Carmine Church.




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