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    Cassano Irpino
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    Bagnoli Irpino
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    Salza Irpina
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    San Mango
    sul Calore

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An amazing belvedere on the spring of Pollentina and a jewel of the Renaissance art in the Calore Valley

Cassano Irpino is located on a high hill which overlooks the Calore High Valley. The ancient Medieval town is located in a territory which has been inhabited for centuries thanks to the richness of the springs present in the area, including the Pollentina. The proof of the ancient presence in this area is represented by the archaeological findings, dating back to the Roman era, which were found here. In fact, the name of this town, which was subsequently included in the Gastaldato di Montella, seems to come from that of gens Cassia. The Medieval town was probably built around an original Lombard fortalice, which the Cavaniglia family then turned into a Baronial Palace. Today the remains of a tower and of the walls are all that is left of the original building. The Santa Maria delle Grazie Church, a real artistic jewel dating back to the XIV century, is located at the entrance of the town. The building preserves its amazing frescoes dating back to the XV century, as well as a Renaissance triptych, and a Holy Stair for Indulgence. The major church of the town is dedicated to Saint Bartholomew Apostle. The bell tower and the façade of this church, with its amazing portal in a late-Baroque style, are spectacular. Inside the building, which is made up of a single aisle, there are several artworks, including a shrine and some wooden sculptures by Jacopo Colombo. Other important religious buildings are the San Rocco Church, which is characterized by the sober lines of the façade, and the Santa Maria la Longa Church, which is located outside town. In the walls surrounding the town centre there are the remains of some remarkable funerary niches dating back to the Roman era. The typical product of this town is the Cassano apple, an ancient and unforgotten fruit.




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