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    Cassano Irpino
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    Bagnoli Irpino
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    Salza Irpina
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    San Mango
    sul Calore

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In the heart of the fertile Sabato Valley lies a town characterized by Lombard echoes and by centuriesold traditions which were preserved over time

Salza Irpina is located at the centre of the Sabato High Valley, among green mountains covered by beech-trees. The production of chestnuts, of the type called “Serino”, is very wellknown. The presence of vineyards for the production of the Fiano DOCG wine is also well-known. Archaeological remains demonstrate that the area was already inhabited at Roman times. The town was very famous because of the production of highly resistant shoes, ideal for hard work, which were produced by the craftsmen whose shops were located along the major road of the town. The town centre, which was re-built after the earthquake, still preserves its ancient churches and some important aristocratic palaces, along with the so-called “Salza Door”. The Capozzi Palace, which was restored in the XIX century, is located at the entrance of the town. The Imperiale-D’Afflitto Palace is located in the most ancient part of the town, and it is characterised by a beautiful façade with a wonderful portal dating back to the XIX century. Among religious buildings, a particularly important place is occupied by the Saint Peter and Paul’s Parish Church, dating back to the seventeenth century, which is characterised by a grand bell tower, which is embellished with arched windows symbolising the Passion, the Death and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Just outside town there are the remains of an ancient “Imperial Mill”, which was activated by a Roman-time Aqueduct. It is still possible to visit the ancient fountains-washboards near the building.




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