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San Mango sul Calore


 Land of history and traditions, where perfumes, tastes and sacred rites remain hanging in time, right next to the river

San Mango sul Calore is a natural belvedere located in the valley of the river which has the same name. This town is located in a natural area of such beauty that makes you want to go on walks and on excursions. The name of the place originates from the San Mango Church, around which the town centre was built. The town was originally created as a castrum during the Middle Ages. The inhabitants of San Mango sul Calore love their popular tradition of “La Cavalcata”. Once a year, in ancient times, the feudal lord of the area inspected his lands on his horse and stopped in front of the Sant’Anna Church, where a tribunal was set to settle the issues arising between local people. When Feudality was abolished, the mayor kept this tradition alive, and it is still active today. Almost no trace remains today of the ancient castles which characterized this area: the current Marena Palace replaced the castle which was located in the current Via Carbonari, whereas in the hamlet of Lomone there were the remains of the Azzardi Castle, which was built by flattening out calcareous rocks. There are some residues of the porticoes and of the courtyard remaining of the Poppano Castle. Among the churches recovered after the earthquake there are the Sant’Anna Church, a Gothic style church, which was probably built on the remains of a Pagan temple; the San Vincenzo Church, equipped with a tower which dominates the opposing little square; and finally the Madonna del Carmine Church, which holds some interesting frescoes and two paintings of Our Lady Crowned and of Our Lady of Sorrows. Outside town, near the river Calore, there are the remains of a Roman bridge, which was originally 60 meters long.




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